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How Can I Improve My Self-Esteem

The way we feel about ourselves is the best compass for how we engage with the world around us. Our self-esteem often teeters between our outside circumstances and how we view ourselves dealing with the circumstances around us. Having  a higher sense of self-esteem is important to believe in yourself, be proud of your journey,

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8 Signs Your Headed In The Right Direction

While many of our efforts are aimed towards the future, taking time to ground ourselves in the present is very important. If we think of life as if we’re in the middle of a forest, we obviously want to move to brighter pastures. The next turn that we make is all predicated upon where we

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6 Superfoods To Boost Your Brain & Memory

Keeping your body and brain intact is the key to being a high performing student. Our stomachs are our ‘second brains,’ digesting the necessary nutrients to keep us fueled up and energetic enough to take care of our tasks. Like any discipline in life, we should make the right choices to feed our bodies the

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The Problem With Self-Deception: A Call To Self Awareness

Keeping in mind that life is a journey, sometimes we don’t know exactly where we are in the race. Remaining motivated has a lot to do with the narratives we tell ourselves as well. Sometimes “good enough” or “enough to get by” works in the meantime, but how sustainable is that to our development and

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Here Are Ways To Improve Your Attention Span

Your attention span is the amount of time you can concentrate on a task without becoming distracted. Most educators and psychologists agree that the ability to focus attention on a task is crucial for the achievement of one’s goals. It’s no surprise attention spans have been decreasing over the past decade with the increase in

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Overcoming a Creators’ Block

Working through creative hurdles can be a process. Rather than “powering through” it, here are some simple suggestions to get around it and bring your ideas into fruition :   i) Look for inspiration in unlikely places ii) Remember that it is okay to make mistakes iii) Take a break from your project to clear

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Sitting On A College Application? Send It To Fundlearner!

FundLearner is currently looking for college essays to be submitted to their platform. Did you write an essay for the upcoming semester that dealt with money, social class or work? You could have your work featured on the FundLearner platform. In the current unpresented times we live in, writing about normality and the context in

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Better Strategies To Making Universities More Accesible

The population of students seeking higher education continues to grow worldwide. Even with the uncertainty of the job market, millions across the world continue to find ways to advance their career by educating themselves. With the speculation towards organizations, and many disrupting factors, the traditional path of high school to university isn’t so traditional today.

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5 Key Personal Development Goals For A Better You

With the future in limbo currently, one of the only things we can currently focus on is ourselves. We have to be aware that we are dynamic beings. Being self aware of our emotions, our mindset and our trajectory as far as life is concerned is very important. While we may not be in control

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The Best Lifelong Habbit? Learning.

Everyday we’re exposed to so much new information. Not only is the internet a great conduit for learning, the people we meet, the experiences we have and the things that we do all lead to our body of knowledge. Learning is a commitment that is made consciously or subconsciously. It is both the acquisition of