Keeping in mind that life is a journey, sometimes we don’t know exactly where we are in the race. Remaining motivated has a lot to do with the narratives we tell ourselves as well. Sometimes “good enough” or “enough to get by” works in the meantime, but how sustainable is that to our development and on-going commitment to improving ourselves? While we may be convinced that those around us aren’t being honest to us all the time, how often do we lie to ourselves? One thing about being young, that is both a blessing and  a curse, is that we don’t see the manifestation of our choices right away. While this can make us feel invincible and confident in some areas, if we continue on the path of making unwise decisions, it can create a serious sense of disillusionment.


The question remains, how do we keep ourselves honest, especially when no one is looking? The key to that is integrity. Put into layman’s terms, integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. We are so quick to write reports or essays for others at the drop of a hat, but how often do we do that on ourselves? When do we take time to analyze whether we are living proof of our own core values? No one can force you to believe that making a million dirhams a year is your purpose, so being centered at what makes you feel fulfilled and alive is key. 


Many of the battles are won by momentum. And while we can’t always expect to wake up tomorrow with everything sorted, a consistent truth always trumps a deceitful lie. Be honest to yourself and watch your environment around you change, from your dedication in class, your social circle and most importantly your expectations for yourself.