With the future in limbo currently, one of the only things we can currently focus on is ourselves. We have to be aware that we are dynamic beings. Being self aware of our emotions, our mindset and our trajectory as far as life is concerned is very important. While we may not be in control of our environments, we can take steps towards improving ourselves to be more receptive to receiving the things that are to come. Where will our steps be going? Tracking our steps is very important to be aware of the path before and where we’re going towards. Here are some goals we can set to develop ourselves into the person we imagine ourselves being.

What you think and what you know isn’t the best factor for your own success. What matters most is putting that knowledge into action. Confidence is your ability to put that into action. Take time to recognize your skill set and put it into play.

Manage stress effectively
Forming a willingness to recognize stress and fight it is very important. Finding the right habits and positive people to be around is key to the quality of your life. Looking to start immediately? Start with managing your breath and take yourself from there.

Share what you know
You can’t get anything in your palm with a closed fist. Share your insights, what you’ve learned and your opinions, you never know how much what you think could affect someone’s life. Your personal development is tied to the people around you.

Make better decisions
Choosing better decisions is a habit that’s developed day by day. It could be small, but building the momentum of taking incremental steps towards being a better you is key. The better decisions you make, the better your life will turn out to be.

Increase your will power
Having a strong sense of determination will take you further in life. Having strong self perseverance increases your health, wealth and professional success. Regardless of what goals you have for yourself, you have to develop the will power to see them through.