While many of our efforts are aimed towards the future, taking time to ground ourselves in the present is very important. If we think of life as if we’re in the middle of a forest, we obviously want to move to brighter pastures. The next turn that we make is all predicated upon where we are at the moment and what we want to get out of the future. 


If you’re in the forest and find yourself stumbling off your path, you’re likely to doubt yourself and feel like a bit of a mess up. Maybe you don’t know the forest as well as you thought you did. Regardless you’re in it now & what you can do is find your compass to lead you further. Being self aware and not deceiving yourself are both key points in deciding if you’re heading in the right direction. 


On the highway to life, here are 8 signs that you are indeed headed in the right direction. 


  1. You can tell the difference between true excitement and fluff
  2. You realize that life is more about the end than the means
  3. You’re willing to ask for help when needed
  4. You understand that failure isn’t permanent
  5. You’re learning to care less what people think
  6. You’re focused on what can be change rather than what can’t
  7. You keep things in perspective
  8. You’re aim to achieve is bigger than you