The way we feel about ourselves is the best compass for how we engage with the world around us. Our self-esteem often teeters between our outside circumstances and how we view ourselves dealing with the circumstances around us. Having  a higher sense of self-esteem is important to believe in yourself, be proud of your journey, and tackle the challenges that lie ahead. 


Self-esteem comes from the circles around us, parents, teachers and friends. A majority of these feelings also deal with what scope we view our current circumstances under. There is a saying that we tend to hold our losses closer to us than our wins. Harboring thoughts like “I’m a loser” or “I’ll never win,” hurt our self-esteem. And while it is perfectly normal to feel this way at times, which thoughts we choose to entertain and emphasize speak volumes. Sometimes the words in our head can be harsh. The bright side is we can always learn to think better about ourselves.


On the path to viewing ourselves in a better light, we can always learn more about the world around us as we develop ourselves. Rediscovering that youthful curiosity about the things around us is vital. Wash a car, help a stranger out with a task, read a book or find a new hobby. All of these are meaningful ways for us to step outside of our comfort zone and find better ways to improve our relationship with ourselves. After doing so, take a step back and feel proud that you challenged yourself.


Here are 6 more great ways to improve your self esteem!


  • Focus on what goes well
  • Set goals that are reasonable & attack them
  • Accept what isn’t perfect & move forward
  • Be with people who treat you well
  • Give and help
  • Say nicer things to yourself