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How Can I Improve My Self-Esteem

The way we feel about ourselves is the best compass for how we engage with the world around us. Our self-esteem often teeters between our outside circumstances and how we view ourselves dealing with the circumstances around us. Having  a higher sense of self-esteem is important to believe in yourself, be proud of your journey,

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Chat with Curtin University Student Council President

This week we spoke to Kate, who at 18 is on the horizon of graduating with a Bachelor’s in Communication from Curtin University. As a member of student council and a graphic designer, she spoke to us about her story thus far, her passions and her perspective on the world moving forward.  

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Consistency Is Key: A Chat With A Young Filmaker

We sat down with Eisa Al Habib, a 25 year old filmmaker, traveler, volunteer, and pre-med student in Canada. His passions have lead him to become a winner of the International Emmy Award for his short clip “Domestic Cycle”. He is currently on a mission to shoot a vlog everyday and stopped by tell us

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