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Flex Your Football Skils At Neymar 5 A Side! Qualifiers Open Across The UAE Now

With the numerous changes going on worldwide, the Redbull Neymar Jr’s 5 Tournament is set to offer an event to keep young people safe and engaged. The Redbull Neymar Jrs Five 5 A Side Tournament is set to begin qualifiers across the United Arab Emirates this month, all leading up to the final in Al

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8 Signs Your Headed In The Right Direction

While many of our efforts are aimed towards the future, taking time to ground ourselves in the present is very important. If we think of life as if we’re in the middle of a forest, we obviously want to move to brighter pastures. The next turn that we make is all predicated upon where we

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Here Are Ways To Improve Your Attention Span

Your attention span is the amount of time you can concentrate on a task without becoming distracted. Most educators and psychologists agree that the ability to focus attention on a task is crucial for the achievement of one’s goals. It’s no surprise attention spans have been decreasing over the past decade with the increase in

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Overcoming Shyness As A Young Person

Shyness is a sense of awkwardness or social uneasiness that some young people can face. Being introverted is a personality trait, however, shyness is a fear based condition where people have issues approaching people or being approached. Alot of social shyness comes from prior experiences or the ways we were raised at home.    Being

5 Key Personal Development Goals For A Better You

With the future in limbo currently, one of the only things we can currently focus on is ourselves. We have to be aware that we are dynamic beings. Being self aware of our emotions, our mindset and our trajectory as far as life is concerned is very important. While we may not be in control

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The Best Lifelong Habbit? Learning.

Everyday we’re exposed to so much new information. Not only is the internet a great conduit for learning, the people we meet, the experiences we have and the things that we do all lead to our body of knowledge. Learning is a commitment that is made consciously or subconsciously. It is both the acquisition of

Red Bull Street Style Competition Kicks Off Online

Football freestyling has created a world of it’s own off of it’s bigger cousin’s spinoff. During the 80’s and 90’s many South American players, like Maradona, were scrutinized for their skillful tricks with the ball, deemed useless by football pundits of the time. Fast forward to the 90’s and with the introduction of Ronaldinho into

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Grades May Not Be The Best Indicator Of Great Performance

Regardless of which education system you’re in, grades are the ultimate test for how a student’s performing. However, as recent research has shown and with the implementation of distance learning, letter grades may not be the best indicator of what a student’s strengths are. There are a lot of indicators that grades don’t account for

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Here’s 5 Inspirational Young People Who Left Their Mark On The World

It’s never too early to try and change the world. As a young person, we’re engrained with so much enthusiasm and gusto that we can change the world. Just ask your niece or nephew what they want to be when they grow up for instance. Unfortunately for some of us, when we’re faced with the

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5 Good Books To Read While You’re Self-Isolating

With the abundance of time we have during the current debacle we’re in, finding activities that are beneficial and purposeful can be challenging. Our society is a very rapid one where we are constantly on the go. There’s never a better time than now to delve into the declining art of reading books. Whether you

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