Everyday we’re exposed to so much new information. Not only is the internet a great conduit for learning, the people we meet, the experiences we have and the things that we do all lead to our body of knowledge. Learning is a commitment that is made consciously or subconsciously. It is both the acquisition of ideas and how we process said ideas that fuels the process of learning. Embodying a sense of growth is very important, as our inner self can reflect our experiences in many ways.

Realizing that learning is built upon prior knowledge is a key to remember. Although we’d all like to wake up and be scuba instructors or doctors in a week, learning is a commitment. Learning opens our eyes to so many interesting things and insights into the way that people process their lives. If we learn what a fisherman does, then we can understand more why a fisherman behaves the way they do. Having insights into why people learn the things they do is a great precursor to knowledge of the world around us. Do people learn from necessity or curiosity?

Ask yourself how is the best way for you to learn? Do you like to learn in bite sized pieces or do you like larger pieces of information. That differentiates whether you are a sprint learner or a long distance learner. Both are equally great ways, but having self-awareness is key.

When you learn what you want to do with it? Obviously finding ways to apply it is key. Putting your knowledge into ways that it is beneficial to others is very important. Even more fun is learning beside someone. Watching someone that your trust beside you learning alongside is fruitful. Even seeing how they interpret the same information you come across is encouraging to each of your respective journeys.

We can learn so much from the world outside of us. Taking the time to reflect and look through our experiences to add to our essence is key to continue to become global students of life.