What is SciCon?

StudentsEra Science And Technology Conference is a one-day high school student centric event held in the Dubai Digital Park.

The event will feature keynote speakers, panels, discussion forums for students, trivia games, university booths & a special contest open to all grade 10,11 & 12 high school students in the GCC.

Who is SciCon for?

SciCon is open for all grade 10,11 & 12 high school or secondary students in the UAE and other GCC countries.
Even if they are not a huge fan of science and technology, we welcome all students to learn, see how science and technology apply to their lives and meet new friends!

Why host SciCon now?

  • Science and technology both are reaching the pinnacle. And new innovations continue to be made day by day.

  • Getting students to think abstractly and recognize that their ideas can manifest through either of these is crucial in looking for solutions to the future.

  • The generation currently graduating high school are the first to be “born into broadband; with the wide variety of information the internet has led too.

  • SciCon is one of many current events that aims to foster student relationships, encourage growth and build in-person connections after a very isolated learning period during COVID.

The Highlight Of SciCon

Along with a variety of engaging events on the day, SciCon will offer a special prize to the student team who delivers the most innovative idea on the day of the event.
Starting from Computer Science Week Dec 2022, any grade 10,11 or 12 high school or secondary school students in groups of three can pitch their idea through the StudentsEra website to win a variety of prizes to be determined.
Topic: Present your innovation or idea in the field of science or technology. What problem does it aim to solve and how do you and your team plan to execute it?
Requirements: Deliver a minimum 5 slide PDF format presentation to participate in the first round
First Round: Selected PDF presentations will advance.
Second Round: Selected Microsoft Team pitches & Q&A’s will advance.
Third Round: Invitation to SciCon in February to pitch their idea for grand prizes.

SciCon *Tentative Timeline

8 AM: Check in-starts for students
9 30 AM: Welcome speech & introduction
10 AM: Panel on Space Exploration (Room A) Interactive Activity (Room B)
11 AM: Student Quiz Bowl (Room A) Forum (Room B)
12 PM: Panel on Game/content creatio (Room A) Culturate (Room B)
1 PM: Lunch
2 PM: Panel on Mineral Science (Room A) Forum (Room B)
3 PM: Presentation Of SciCon Contest
4 PM: Concert & Student Mixer


University booths
Interactive booths


Date: 11 feb 2023
Location: DTEC Dubai Silicon Oasis

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