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Beginner-friendly Computer Science Projects

Are you an aspiring computer scientist looking for some simple projects to get your coding wheels turning? Not to worry, my fellow tech enthusiasts! In this article, we'll look at some enjoyable and engaging computer science projects that won't put you in over your head. So, grab an energy drink, turn on your computer, and

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What Piece Of Advice Would Adults Give To Their Younger Selves? The Answers May Surprise You (Part 2)

Looking at the last pieces of advice article, there is an abundance of good information available that may help the next person. The  beautiful yet melancholy thing about advice is any one can give it; those who took their advice to heart and fulfilled their desires and those who swayed along the path and would

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It’s Always Worth Being Yourself: Here’s Why

Being yourself isn’t always an easy task. Being authentic with your intentions, ideas and feelings can be difficult, especially if we come from a background where that isn’t encouraged. It all boils down to costs. What do you have to lose from being who you truly think you are? For some people in very unfortunate

The Problem With Self-Deception: A Call To Self Awareness

Keeping in mind that life is a journey, sometimes we don’t know exactly where we are in the race. Remaining motivated has a lot to do with the narratives we tell ourselves as well. Sometimes “good enough” or “enough to get by” works in the meantime, but how sustainable is that to our development and

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Overcoming a Creators’ Block

Working through creative hurdles can be a process. Rather than “powering through” it, here are some simple suggestions to get around it and bring your ideas into fruition :   i) Look for inspiration in unlikely places ii) Remember that it is okay to make mistakes iii) Take a break from your project to clear

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How To Be A Healthier Gamer

The words “healthy” and “gamer” may seem somewhat contradictory, however, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and still light your opponents up online. The first step to this is having a different perspective. Gaming is a competitive activity, so when you think about it like a sport, you’ll realize that having a sharper mind will

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