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Five Tips for Students Returning to School after the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about significant changes to the lives of students, restricting them to the confines of their household, attending online university/school and not being able to meet up with friends. However, as the restrictions ease and institutions get back to in-person learning, it is important to practice the following tips and adjust

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A Month Long Guide To Getting A Job Now

Without any argumentation, the general consensus of people would agree that finding a job during COVID-19 has been very difficult. With the landscape of entire industries changing over the matter of a year, even keeping previous positions is tough with the current pandemic. The downturn has somewhat favored employers more so than employees, but everyone

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Sitting On A College Application? Send It To Fundlearner!

FundLearner is currently looking for college essays to be submitted to their platform. Did you write an essay for the upcoming semester that dealt with money, social class or work? You could have your work featured on the FundLearner platform. In the current unpresented times we live in, writing about normality and the context in

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