Shyness is a sense of awkwardness or social uneasiness that some young people can face. Being introverted is a personality trait, however, shyness is a fear based condition where people have issues approaching people or being approached. Alot of social shyness comes from prior experiences or the ways we were raised at home. 


Being shy can originate from a few characteristics; having a fear of being judged, rejection or low-self esteem. The tough battles that shy people face are mostly internal, pitting themselves against unrealistic expectations they have based on how they perceive other people. 


Battling your shyness can be a matter of perspective. Rather than looking at what is going to go wrong, it’s much better to look at what can go right. 


Don’t expect to beat shyness overnight or anytime soon. It is a process. It takes a lot of screwing up to get past shyness, but you will see yourself progressing as you’re going. 


The quickest cure to all of this is to stop caring so much about other people. Stop thinking about them. Stop thinking about what they might be thinking. Make yourself the most important person in your life. Love what makes you who you are. Love all experiences you’ve had that make you unique. 


True obsession is never good but since social anxiety literally results from an obsession with what other people think of you, the needle needs to be pushed back toward yourself, and the quickest way to make this happen is to reverse the object of your obsession.


After a while, you should realize that no one(including you) is better or worse, they’re just different. Additionally, since most people do not suffer from extreme social anxiety, they are by definition thinking about themselves(and not you) a lot more than you(a sufferer of social anxiety) realize.


Observe yourself, and even practice speaking to yourself on video to find ways in which you can improve your social interactions. It will help you greatly in your future.