Looking at the last pieces of advice article, there is an abundance of good information available that may help the next person. The  beautiful yet melancholy thing about advice is any one can give it; those who took their advice to heart and fulfilled their desires and those who swayed along the path and would have done differently in retrospect. 


Here are 5 more pieces of advice that adults would give to their younger selves. Again, take this information at your own heed and apply it on your own personal journey.


Whatever gives you AWE, improve 1% per day at.

1% per day, compounded, equals 3800% per year.

3800% per year will make you the best in the world at everything you are interested in.

Lose 1% per day (by relying on others, by depending on institutions to help, by arguing and trying to convince people, by following society’s rules instead of your own), will mean in a year you are 3% the person you were at the beginning of the year.

Learn to connect to people. Learn to be vulnerable with people. Vulnerability builds connections.

Learn to discover other people’s agendas. They will never care about your agenda until you study theirs.

One quality of “blue zones” (areas around the world where people live to be 100) is that people of all ages (and higher than 100) spend time on their friendships, on their connections to community and co-workers and family.

Invest in Bitcoin.

 I had the chance to invest in Bitcoin early on and turned it down because I didn’t understand it. That £5k investment then would have made me a millionaire by now. This point could be extended to general investment and financial stability: I have been very fortunate and had investments before but not been sensible with them. I wish I could tell my younger self to be more prudent, sensible and informed about financial management.

No matter what happens, no matter how bad things get, no matter what horrible things happen to you or what mistakes you make… You will be okay.

That is the only thing I would need to tell myself. The courage to move past all the noise, all the negative happenings and all the B.S. that you cause yourself is all you need to really push to a greater life.

Spend less than you make

As a younger man, I thought is was important to show signs of wealth even when I was not really wealthy. Over time, going into debt in an effort to appear more successful than I actually was caused me enormous heartache. I wish I had delayed a LOT of the purchases I made and saved my money instead of using credit to get instant gratification.