The coronavirus pandemic has brought about significant changes to the lives of students, restricting them to the confines of their household, attending online university/school and not being able to meet up with friends. However, as the restrictions ease and institutions get back to in-person learning, it is important to practice the following tips and adjust to the “new normal”:

  1. Develop a routine for your entire day. From sleeping habits, to diet and work/off time, developing a routine can give structure to our day, making these uncertain times just a little more certain!

  2. Allow for flexibility in your schedule. The new environment surrounding the pandemic is constantly evolving, hence making room for flexibility is vital to tackle any events that may alter your schedule.

  3. Although we are all used to it by now, remember to always carry hand sanitizer and an extra face mask with you to your academic institution, for safety precautions.

  4. Continue to practice social distancing. Although pandemic restrictions are easing, gathering around in large groups is not recommended. Instead, hold large gatherings virtually through Zoom or MS Teams, or gather only in small groups of around 4-6 people at a time.

  5. If you are having trouble adjusting to the new life at your university or school, reach out to your institution’s mental health counselor or a trusted teacher. Sharing your concerns with them can lift a weight off your shoulders and they may be able to offer you valuable advice that could improve your overall experience.