In the modern era internships have been a buzz word for coming of age students looking to get their first glimpse into the professional working word. It’s seen as a stepping stone; going from menial summer jobs to really getting your feet wet in an industry you see yourself in. However, with the circumstances going on in the world, all layers of the professional industry have shifted in a different manner. With a rise of remote work, hybrid work and simply the removal of entire departments in companies, many students may feel shaky when looking at internship opportunities this year. As much as students want to make a positive impact at any internship they start, businesses also want to welcome young recruits and show them the proper way their business runs. Due to this reason, and obvious financial factors stemming from the COVID situation, internships globally were nearly halved, especially in markets like the UK and US. 


Students who need internships to graduate saw this as a major setback, and we even saw universities adapting to the scenario and lightening up on necessary steps to graduate. Even on a personal level, the amount of growth opportunity a 6-month internship can provide was stripped from many rising students. Looking at the statistics we have, in-person internships have fallen significantly. In their place has risen remote internship opportunities. 


The silver lining to this is that students who may not have been able to afford the costs attributed to taking an internship in a new city can now shadow the company of their dreams in the shadow of their homes. Certain sectors are more prime for remote work and others naturally. Industries like media and communications, IT, legal work, marketing and arts and entertainment have boasted higher percentages of remote internship possibilities.


With the high level of uncertainty, it isn’t quite clear when things will get back quite to normal. However, this is a n opportunity for young people with time on their hands. If applying to internships through your school or a job search don’t work, try to use the time you use on social media to reach out to a business and see how you can offer services. 


If you aren’t able to secure the internship right away, look to invest time in building a skill, like web design, SEO optimization or nutrition planning certification that would make you an immediate asset to a company on a remote basis. Although the traditional internship is in limbo, the possibilities for young people still shine bright as we continue on through these times.