The path to living a more fulfilled life comes down to structure. Being bold and assertive is important in forging the clay in which we can mold our goals. It is through the chiseling and constant check up that we can form the life that we desire. What happens around our actions is often just as important, if not more, than what we are actually doing. If you ever see footage of high level athletic clubs, everything is organized and in order. While these high performers may have handy people that do the work for them, there are still foundational principles that they use that we can apply in our own lives. Here listed are 7 practical tips to becoming a more organized individual.


Embrace Minimalism


Removing the unnecessary fluff from our lives can free up a lot of energy invested into what we really should be doing. This can come in the form of relationships, material possessions or even time.


Know Where To Get Rid Of Excess


Recycling your excess into the proper channels will lead you towards better karma. For instance, if you have a friend that takes up too much of your time being unproductive, perhaps you can introduce them to an activity that can keep them busy. Watch your friendship flourish as they’re moving forward parallel to you.


Declutter Often


Take time throughout your week to organize in small increments. Handling large tasks can ultimately come down to just compartmentalizing them into tinier sections. Do one thing at a time and try not to overwhelm yourself on the journey.


Everything Should Have Its Place


Giving space for everything to have its own area is very important. Designated areas for your possessions will allow you not to exert extra energy looking for your things.


Keep Yourself On A Schedule


If this is something that you struggle with, simply try to involve new rituals into your life every day. Take time to think about “what is something I can do every day that will lead me closer to where I want to go?” The key is to keep it small, and watch it flourish into a larger and more fruitful course of action.


Put Yourself On A Deadline


You should be your own boss. When there are things that need to be done, hold yourself accountable in making sure it gets done in a timely manner. Putting this reminder in a place you see often is a great way to keep yourself honest.


Write Things Down


Try not to worry yourself too much in your body. Bring your concerns out of yourself and onto the paper or your phone. Being able to see these things on a regular basis serves as a justifiable reminder to stay on point towards your goals.