With the current global situation at hand, things that were once promised aren’t as certain as they once were. The key to using our down time currently is to work around situations rather than through them. And there is no hallmark quite as important as our career. Our time, our efforts, even our sense of identity are tied to what we do to earn money for a living. While there are some of us who are happy and content with their careers, others aim to progress and land a job they’ll love to show up to each and every day. Here are seven steps to landing the job of your dreams.

Figure Out A Plan

Know what you’re getting into when looking for a job. Companies require results, and make sure that you are trained with the right skills to make an impact. Do research into job descriptions, what you will have to do as far as qualifying and give yourself time to be able to make the transition successfully.

Be Flexible

You can’t catch every fish with the same bait. Keep this in mind when applying to positions that you’d love to work for. Make regular tweaks to your resume that line up with their wants and needs. Always be ready to rephrase your cover letter as well.

Use our Network

LinkedIn is the first step to getting tied in. Old classmates, family friends and people you admire within the industry you’d like to work for are all great places to start. Keep in mind that you are aiming to build long term relationships instead of quick connections.

Practice For Interviews

Practice makes perfect. Make sure that you know what needs to be said during the interview and the best way to say it. Look at articles about good talking points to be made during an interview. A good strategy is to ask relevant questions to the person who is screening you initially.

Dress For Success

A quick flip through a fashion magazine before you pick out your outfit is a good call. People judge heavily on what type of shoes were wearing, so be bright and polished. Even if your first interview is over the phone, try and be as sharp as possible.

Mind Your Manners

The follow up is just as important as the approach sometimes. Remember to thank your interviewers. It’s not just good manners, it’s a good way to remind them of why you’ll be a great fit to their organization.