Given the significance of the year 2020, a large majority of people went into the year with high expectations. People took their typical New Year’s Resolutions and doubled them up since it’s a new decade. As we all know, life is full of curveballs and a majority are unexpected. What you do in the face of inconvenient circumstances is what really matters. When situations like this happen, it can be a test of our emotional fortitude as well as our sense of purpose. People feel anxious, worried and concerned about what lies in the future, as many of the things we expected to be given are up in limbo. Even if we have been planning to do more of the right things, the future is in limbo. 


Take into consideration the type of person you’d be if everything turned out exactly as you wanted. If you won every contest, if your family gave you everything you wanted, if you got your perfect career the first time you’d apply. No matter what settlement, struggle or setback you go through, there is always a silver lining; a chance for growth. It’s most definitely not fun all the time, but introspection and solitude isn’t always “fun.” 


If anything, what the world has gone through the first quarter of 2020 really shows that nothing is ever set in stone. Having a “woe is me” attitude will only lead to more stress and frustration. Conforming to your master plan means you carry an unnatural understanding that good things don’t happen to bad people, and that hard work always pays off. This current situation, and all situations in our life, should remind us that nothing is ever guaranteed. Things we can’t even imagine or foresee are still very feasible. 


You can always refocus and begin to base your life further in optimism. Keeping in mind that things work out in the end will remind you that it’s not the end you think it is. Trust yourself, keep your mind and spirit active and know that turns in the road lead to new destinations.