Because of its mass appeal, worldwide cultural reach and way to teach positive values, some could argue that ‘sports’ is one of the most important inventions of humankind. Sports allow us to grow, learn and break down barriers in our lives. It’s no wonder that many of us at a young age choose to get into sports. Every child can carve out a sense of purpose for themselves and watch as they grow step by step through their passion. Here are 6 specific reasons why youth sports are so important.


  1. Playing sports enables friendship that kids may not have otherwise formed. It can foster a sense of loyalty and teamwork amongst young people and can offer a great conduit for better communication skills.


  1. Playing sports is a great means of stress relief. With many youths going through adolescent and handling the pressures of what the future may hold, the athletic field can be a place of comfort to many. 


  1. Playing sports boosts self-esteem and self-belief. When your able to step up to the plate and perform the tasks of your various sports, you’ll learn to trust yourself. This feeling will follow you off the court as well. 


  1. Playing sports develops healthier habits. Typically, the lifestyle choices surrounding sports help enable you to eat better, drink better and take better care of your body. 


  1. Playing sports is a great means of problem solving. Many people consider sports simply battles of athleticism, but there are many scenarios where deductive reasoning and sharp decision making skills can make or break a play.

  2. Playing sports is fun! Sports allow youth to challenge themselves, meet new people and enjoy the process of learning and growth. The memories kids have while playing sports will last them a lifetime You may forget your 4th grade History teacher’s name, but you’ll never forget your winning goal in a Youth Soccer championship final.