Humans are creatures of narrative. Always seeking purpose, ideas, meaning and a story to pursue. We write our own tales, learn stories of others and shape ours to be like our favorite ones.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou”

It is very easy to get lost in the world of self-development book section in any website or store today. There is so much advice and input out there, a decent amount of researching on self-development for even 5 minutes online can get overwhelming. Our own platform is a place for students to find advice and tips in almost every aspect of living in the U.A.E. as expats.

But with this article, we would like to take a step back. See the beauty of the bigger, larger picture and treat it like a painting. Brush your own strokes and paint your own colors and learn how others are doing it now or did it before you.

Read Autobiographies, Biographies and a lot of Fiction.

Our own lives are the ultimate story we can ever witness and conceive. The incredible people the world has to offer, their stories are sometimes even better than an imaginary one. Their experiences shaped their excellence and therefore their achievements. One of our recommendations for great autobiography is:

Though not a pure autobiography, it is a set of speeches and personal stories told by Warren Buffet’s very quiet but just as successful friend. His wisdom and wit is just something to aspire for. This is a great place to begin for anyone.

Fiction is great because it gives you, a mere human an omnipotent presence in an author’s imaginary world.

One study has shown those who tend to read more fiction are more empathetic than those who don’t. It can be understood why because fiction tends to give you a bird’s eye view over characters and their world they live in and understand everyone’s motives from a place of pure observation. To be able to have this quality and apply this in real life is extremely valuable.

Write your own stories.

Fictional or real or even a blend of both, writing your own stories and sharing it with people takes a lot of courage. Yet, it is one of the most rewarding experience there is. Nothing feels better than typing down the last sentence of your story and sharing it with the world. So we would like to challenge and invite you to write your own and send it to us on our sister platform. Check out the flyer below or send us your story at: <www,>.