Self Awareness is a phrase that gets thrown around quite often in the context of our lives. It means more than knowing if our shoelaces are united, but much deeper than that. Research has shown that when we have high levels of self awareness, we make more competent decisions and build healthier relationships in our lives. We become a better version of ourselves when we are aware of our habits, emotions and feelings. When you make the steps to actualize that you are more than just your thoughts, but the person analyzing your thoughts. 


Understanding self awareness can be separated into two sections; internal and external. Internal is how we feel about ourselves and our own actions. External is about how we believe we are perceived by the world. For example, dressing eccentrically can be analyzed under the lens of self awareness in two different contexts. Internally, you are expressing yourself. A good question to ask is why do I enjoy dressing with bold colors and eye catching looks? That introspection would be important in understanding why you do what you do. Externally, how is the world reacting to your sense of expression? If you are aware that people are going to interpret your outward way of dressing by their own terms, that is self awareness outside of yourself and the world around you. 


Taking time to analyze your value system is key to improving your self awareness, especially in your academic career. Questioning yourself is vital to getting to the core of your future. Don’t stress so much about what you are good at, but what do you enjoy doing? If you find pleasure in learning in one avenue, then you will continue to grow and naturally get better.

If you find math interesting but aren’t a great student, ask yourself what do you find interesting about it? That will help you decide what field is most interesting to you, whether it be geometry, physics or algebra. Having a foundational knowledge about yourself can also help you connect your interests to a potential career path in the future.


To put it into context, there are four great benefits that being self aware will provide. It can help our decision making skills drastically. It can allow us to see from the perspective of others and work creatively. It can boost our selfacceptance and make us more proactive. Finally, it makes us better communicators and enhances our self confidence. 


Even though self awareness is about self, a great exercise you can do is ask someone close to analyze you, how you act, behave and what you can work on. Because it is equally an internal and external angle to analyze yourself, talking to someone can be so key to developing the self awareness you need to succeed.