The UAE is celebrated worldwide for showing out when it comes to New Years Eve celebrations. They love to show their appreciation for the hard working residents and tourists that pass through by lighting up the sky with a wide away of fireworks. The only question you should have is where shouldI start to check out the fireworks? 


Burj Khalifa


This is the ultimate vantage point to check out the fireworks from. Make an effort to get there early as thousands will gather to view the celebration from all angles, including a great viewpoint from the bridge connecting the mall to the The Address Hotel. If you don’t make it in time to check that out, try Souk Al Bahar nearby. By all estimates, try to be there by 5 PM because this place will pack quickly.


Atlantis, The Palm


If you’ve got the resources, booking a place here is a once in a lifetime experience for the ambience and great view of the fireworks. If your money is looking a little funny than the Palm Jumeirah boardwalk is a great place to check out as well. Since there will be heavy traffic to get onto the isle, you can always check out restaurants at the Pointe nearby. 


Dubai Festival City


Enjoy dinner at one of the city’s premier malls sitting right on the water. Located right on Festival Bay, this locale offers a great view point of the 2020 fireworks. Another place nearby to catch the show from is Marsa Al Khor. 


Global Village


If malls aren’t your cup of tea, you can always walk around and enjoy the numerous international stalls that this location has become famous for. At only 15 DHs entry, this is also the most affordable option while seeing how people from all over celebrate the holidays. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend the entrance fee, you can always watch from Emirates Road.