Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to your community. Not only does it help the cause that you choose to volunteer for, but it also helps you develop your skills through hands-on experience and meet like-minded people.

The UAE emphasizes on the importance of volunteering in the development of a society. Several organizations in the UAE offer volunteering activities for students:

  1. Dubai Cares hosts several activities to ensure children and young people have access to quality education. They require volunteers who can assist in hosting events and raising awareness for their cause.
  2. UAQ Stray Dogs Center is a non-profit animal shelter that rescues stray animals al across the UAE and helps them find loving forever homes. They rely on the help of volunteers to socialize animals and assist in dog walking.
  • The Emirates Red Crescent is a humanitarian organization that supports people affected by disasters and provides public relief. They take volunteers to assist them in the implementation of tasks carried out by the Red Crescent Authority.
  1. K9 Friends is a volunteer run organization that provides shelter and veterinary care to stray and neglected dogs and helps reunite lost pets with their owners. They offer a limited number of positions for students to volunteer with them and gain hours for the Duke of Edinburgh Award or for CAS.
  2. Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities is a training center that aims to educate and provide adequate training to these individuals so that they can eventually contribute to the workforce. Students can volunteer with children from different age groups, and a certificate is issued to the volunteers upon completion of at least 10 hours of voluntary work.
  3. The Emirates Wildlife Society (EWS-WWF) assists in formulating policies that can help sustain the biodiversity of the UAE. They take volunteers who can assist them with event support, office administration, graphic design, etc.