Despite what you may hear from your parents, grandparents, or anybody else who believes they have perfected the art of sarcasm, smartphones aren’t all that horrible. In reality, aside from the unrealistic ones that can read your mind and transform your ideas into a quickly written essay, there are countless of applications available that are truly worth your time (and sometimes money). You may even say they’ll make your life a little more app-y. Find some of the most popular applications compiled by Save The Student organization– which will make your time much more productive and organized.


Notion is one FREE note-taking app that stands out from the crowd. The app’s main selling point is its adaptability and availability on both Android and iOS. You may manage tasks, make a calendar, write a daily journal, plan trips, and much more in addition to taking notes. It can be used to organize almost anything else in your life. Furthermore, you may sync your notes across all devices. What we appreciate best about Notion is that it has hundreds of templates to help you arrange your notes even more efficiently.


This is the application you’ll want to use if you’re finding it difficult to concentrate during a long lecture. It is without a doubt one of the top applications for students. While you’re taking lecture notes, Soundnote is capturing what’s going on around you (in a non-creepy way) and synchronizing the two. When you’re finished, simply tap a word to return to that place in the recording. If your professor is tossing a lot of information at you (or speaking at the speed of light) and you’re struggling to keep up, this could be your learn card. Simply return to where your notes left off and give it another shot with Soundnote- at a low price but available only on iPad (iOS).


Mind maps are not suitable for everyone. But if they work for you, SimpleMind is the way to go. SimpleMind, which is available as a browser extension and as an app on both Android and iOS, provides all of the features you’d get if you drew a mind map by hand. If you’re willing to pay for them, they offer even more alternatives.

However, we believe that the free version will provide for all of your mind mapping needs. It allows you to add numerous maps to a single page and use different colors for each one. You might also utilize the app’s pre-defined style sheets if you’re feeling lazy (or simply in a hurry to revise everything in one day). is ideal to make your job at hand feel a lot easier and organized at a FREE cost available on both Android and iOS. Nothing feels better than ticking tasks off a to-do list on a very busy weekday where you’d wish to speed everything up and relax. To-do lists are an excellent method to divide a large task into smaller, more manageable parts. You’d have to go far and wide for a better app for this than Its elegantly simple design makes getting things done more enjoyable (or, depending on what you’re doing, less unpleasant)., like many of the applications on our list, lets you sync anything across any supported device. It also provides reminders and the ability to share lists and assign tasks to various users. It’s excellent for a collaborative activity where every member can do their part.

These apps on our list can improve your note-taking and organization habits dramatically. Make sure to try them from now on- even if it’s the last semester of the academic year. It’s never too late to become a better version of yourself! Stay tuned for another edition coming soon.

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