In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, The UAE Golden Jubilee Committee announced the opening of its ‘Year of the 50th Fellowship’ programme for applications from UAE citizens and residents across the UAE. The 11-month program is aimed to provide exciting and innovative work opportunities to young people across the country. The chosen candidates will work hand in hand with people of expertise to develop their skills and make themselves greater assets to the job market.


Youth that are interested in applying should be agile, flexible, keen to learn and innovative in their approach to design and planning. Five different candidates will be chosen from five different disciplines as follows:


Project Management Fellow


The Project Management Fellow is a problem solver and gifted multi-tasker with the ability to create conditions that help teams reach success. They are the hub of a programme — seeing and managing the whole system, ensuring that all the pieces of the programme are accounted for and connected, and constantly assessing if the programme execution is fully aligned with the overall strategic intent.


Stakeholder Engagement Fellow


The Stakeholder Engagement Fellow is a talented communicator who possesses the ability to engage, influence and inspire action across a wide range of senior stakeholders.


Design Fellow


The Design Fellow is a strong visual communicator who can work collaboratively with cross-functional internal teams and external partners on a variety of design solutions.


Strategic Storytelling Fellow


The Strategic Storytelling Fellow is nimble, strategic and creative—with a strong ability to develop compelling stories in a variety of formats.


Communications Fellow


The Communications Fellow is a highly creative and collaborative content creator who can develop, edit and maintain bilingual (English / Arabic) content across a wide variety of channels for high profile programmes


Time is running out to apply. The application deadline closes June 7th. You can apply to the fellowship through the following link here.