One of the major choices we make is choosing our career path, of which the common first step is choosing our major at university level. This can be a daunting task given the vast amount of opportunities available to us and the uncertainty that lies in making decisions. Here are some of the trending degrees that have been searched up by students often.


If a student wishes to pursue a career in medicine, it takes not only a degree but several years of dedication, hard work, consistency, and lots of time. Studying a degree in medicine has been a popular choice across decades due to the nobility of the profession, and the high employment rates upon successful completion of the degree with attractive salary packages. However, it is important to consider the several years you dedicate to studies focused primarily on biology and anatomy, since in this ever-growing field, you will need to have a mindset that grows by learning continuously. Some of the most popular fields in medicine are pathology, dentistry, emergency medicine, cardiology, anesthesiology, pediatrics, dermatology, and more.


A close-second to medicine is majoring in an engineering field. Most curious individuals who like physics, technical, innovative solutions, and wish to bring their ideas to life through developed systems would opt for this career choice. There are many types of engineering including electrical engineering (focuses on electrical equipment and electromagnetism), aerospace engineering (concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft), civil engineering (deals with the development of the infrastructure and buildings around us), mechanical engineering (involves the development of systems with force and motion) and more.


Any person who loves numbers and notices the tiniest details should consider this major at least once. Accounting involves attention to detail and great problem-solving as well as analytical skills to pursue a thriving career in the field. The best part? Accountants are needed across all sectors so that they can run up the numbers on behalf of the employers, hence giving a vast number of job opportunities. But it is not only limited to becoming an accountant, one may further become a financial advisor, a risk analyst or even a data analyst with a few incorporations of technology that makes your workflow smoother.

Computer Science

In today’s world, technology is everything and everywhere around us. As the world progresses and years go by, technology will grow eventually and your degree in computer science will always come in handy. The vast inclusion of popular technological advancements, such as Artificial Intelligence, resulted in a higher demand of skilled workers in this field. Apart from guaranteed employment and attractive salary packages, studying computer science also widens your skillset to problem-solving and critical thinking that require in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Another important aspect is that you must be able to make practical solutions out of theoretical problems that you come across while solving a particular task. There are multiple career options in this field ranging from software developer to artificial intelligence engineer.

These are just some of the trending majors you can choose from. Research thoroughly and make your decisions accordingly. Good luck for your future!