1. Japan Pavilion, Opportunity District, Expo 2020 Dubai

With its minimalistic origami-inspired architecture, the Japan Pavilion located in the Opportunity District, would leave one in awe. It has accurately depicted its culture through an interactive and innovative way. Including the high-end technologies used inside the pavilion, you can get a glimpse at the mist-filled room, a 360-degree theatre amongst many others. Those who cannot visit it in-person, you can experience a virtual tour of the pavilion using remote-controlled robots, yet another awestriking use of technologies there.

  1. Pakistan Pavilion, Opportunity District, Expo 2020 Dubai

While no one saw it coming, Pakistan bestowed its wonders onto its Expo 2020 pavilion located in the Opportunity District. Contrastingly to the Japan pavilion and truly a pride to the expatriates in UAE, the Pakistan pavilion beautifully depicts its touristic wonders that many are not aware about in colorful blocks representing the vibrance of its culture, diversity, and history- a pavilion that should definitely make it to your bucket-list of places to visit!

  1. UAE Pavilion, Al Forsan Crescent, Expo 2020 Dubai

         As the host of the Expo 2020, UAE certainly did not disappoint. It showcased its wonders from an exterior inspired by the national bird of the country- falcon in its flight- to its achievements including the construction of the world’s tallest building, becoming the first Arab country to reach Mars and its very rich history.

  1. Republic of Korea Pavilion, Mobility District, Expo 2020 Dubai

         Fitting its location in the Mobility District, the South Korea pavilion has an exterior of over 1500 colorful spinning cubes which are illuminated at night which will catch an onlooker’s sight. Like the features of the most-visited pavilions, the exhibition is interactive with the entire theme exploring future mobility possibilities.

  1. UK Pavilion, Opportunity District, Expo 2020 Dubai

         Last but not the least, we have the UK pavilion on our list which is located in the Opportunity District. The region’s cutting-edge technologies can be reflected in both its interiors and exterior where the building displays LED illuminated blocks of words that are an AI-generated poem which consists of the words submitted by the visitors in English or Arabic. The pavilion draws our attention to coding and the growing importance of algorithms in today’s world- something we can all see coming.

With a little less than 2 months to Expo 2020’s closure, we hope you can make it to the site and explore the wonders that happen when nations come together to create something unimaginable.