With the advent of the internet, we have more ways than ever before to come into new information and skills to advance our skillset. Sometimes, finding the right platform to learn from can be a challenge. If you are looking to use your spare time to enhance your skills and become a better you, here are ten options to look into.


  1. Coursera- Learn online via textbooks, quizzes and forums
  2. EDX- Free courses from reputed universities like Harvard, MIT etc.
  3. Tuts+- Over 16,000 free video tutorials and e-books to learn from
  4. Alison- Courses covering a wide range of topics, delivered by experts
  5. Academic Earth- Courses by colleges including NYU, Yale, etc.
  6. Free Code Camp- Interactive platform with tutorials on coding
  7. Dash- A fun site to learn languages like CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  8. Lyna- Online video tutorials featuring experts
  9. CreativeLive- Live broadcasted classes with interactive sessions
  10. UDacity- Officers career- oriented college courses