It’s always important to stay grateful and thankful for what we have. By focusing on what is in front of us, it allows us to be open to more opportunities around us. Knowing what circumstances are around when you say thank you is very important. Saying the phrase “thank you” fully acknowledges the person and allows them to see they are appreciated. 


If you have to ask the question, should I thank them, then you probably should. Spread your thanks generously and let people know they’re appreciated. Thank you is also a great neutralizer when you get unnecessary criticism or feedback. The phrase is equally as comforting in a situation when you are trying to console someone.


Here are great circumstances where you can say thank you:


  • Say thank you when you’re running late
  • Say thank you when you make a mistake
  • Say thank you when your receiving helpful feedback
  • Say thank you when you get unsolicited advice
  • Say thank you if your unsure