Comic books have followed different parts of the world and adapted to their environment throughout the years. Before the 1900’s, comic stories were mythos of the past. They were written on hieroglyphics and Roman pantheons. Early editions of important texts were printed with images to share the message with the illiterate. The invention of the printing press and the implementation of moveable type made sharing images and text in the same book easier than ever before. One of the first creators of animated texts was an Englishman named William Hogarth (no relation to Hogwarts). As comics are a reflection of society at large, “Marriage a la Mode” by Hogarth explained a royal courtship between a wealthy and poor family.

The Glasgow Looking Glass, published in 1826, is widely considered the first comic magazine.

Later works like Hogan’s Alley were some of the first works that created the convention of the comic strip.

In the 1970’s comic books became more popular than ever before in the United States, Europe and Japan. Innovations continue to be made and with the online design tools available, learning to make your own comic is easier than ever before.