More often than not, the majority of messages are communicated subconsciously. Indirect and subliminal ideas are transmitted through the use of symbols. When we think about a great communicator, our mind may not instantly go to what that person said. More often than not, it would be their body language and other details that encompassed their confident aura.

When we look at the idea of an aura, we’re given a feeling. Understanding the connection between auras and a color is really key. Businesses and campaigns use it all the day to add a layer under a direct message. And more often than not, this underlaying layer can have a longer impression on us. Here is some insight in to what various colors represent in sharing messages.
Blue is associated with sincerity and relaxing. Although it can come across as cold and remote, many brands use this color because it feels solid and reliable.
Green is associated with health and fertility. With its connections to being nurturing, it offers an escape of sorts. The color green is the background to a lot of positive symbolism for businesses to draw from.
Red is associated with energy and passion. It’s a very attention grabbing color, and is often used in sales campaigns. Using a lot of red, however, can be counterintuitive.
Yellow is associated with positivity and optimism. However, it should be used sparingly because it can be visually draining to look at for extended periods.
Orange is associated with energy & excitement. It often evokes a feeling of familiarity, especially at a darker hue.
Perhaps because of its history of being expensive to produce, purple invokes feelings of wealthy and sensuality. Because it’s not abundant in nature, it conducts an air of exclusivity.