Whether you run everyday or sit on the couch eating Lays, someone will have an opinion. Whether you wear the latest fashion or hand-me downs from aunts and uncles, someone will scrutinize. Whether you stay in your hometown or travel the world, someone will have an idea of what you should have done. 


By a certain point in time, we realize that people will judge our life choices no matter what. Everyone forms their own opinion of us. Some people will be vocal about their views, others will directly project their own fears and insecurities onto you and what you do. Finding a way to manage people’s views, all while remaining a healthy and human being, is possible and here’s how.


The first step is realizing that typically the harshest critic of your own work is yourself. It’s not even outsider’s thoughts that scare you, it’s how you process what they may think. When considering negative comments and feedback, you have to realize within yourself that most people are so concerned with themselves they typically don’t dwell on what you’re doing. They’ll make a comment and then move on to the next thing to comment about. That cycle says more about that person than it does about your work. Take any possible constructive criticism and move on just like them.


A tough truth is that criticism is almost always in our heads. As long as the work is up to standard, most people’s reactions will be positive or neutral. However, we tend to dwell the most hateful or negative comments. Studies have shown that it lakes five positive events to make up for one positive event 


If you feel like you have the emotional stability and confidence in your work, try and talk to the people that judge what you do negatively. If you think they have a valid point, take it with a grain of salt. And don’t be a reflection their misunderstanding