From quill and parchment, to Sticky Notes in the 90’s, the power of the written world has helped quell the busy minds of busy people for decades. Keeping your thoughts organized is a key to living a healthy, happy and productive life. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, keeping your need to notes close to you is easier than ever before. Whether you’re a student entering university for your first semester or a rising senior trying to organize your potential job leads, note taking apps allow users to stay on top of things in an easy and non-frenzied manner. Take a look at this list of the best applications you can use to stay organized going into 2021.


  1. Noted

Noted is a dual operating note taking software, working with both audio recording and note taking software. This makes it ideal for recording lectures, while taking notes simultaneously. It is available for Iphone, Ipad and Mac, as well as an Apple Watch version that is super convenient to use.


  1. Simplenote

If you are looking for simplicity, look no further than Simplenote. Originally designed as an alternative to the standard note taking app for the iPhone, this application is very user friendly. You can add tags to find notes quickly, and all information syncs in real time, meaning your information is always safe.


  1. Nebo

Nebo is one that is innovative for tablet owners who are looking for a more creative spin to their note taking process. Amazingly, it offers language recognition for more than 60 different languages; really cool stuff! You can add images and type traditionally, offering a variety of ways to retain your message as needed.


  1. Agenda

One for the date focused note taker, this app works on a timeline basis. This is very useful for those classes where knowledge is built upon one another. Making the foundation for one lecture after another, it also has a category feature for you to section off notes into different sectors.


  1. Bear

Specially for the Apple users, Bear apps are free and easy to convert from one format to another. Equipped with powerful security options, the built-in spotlight search option allows for you, the user, to search specifically for words and phrases within the Bear note taking app.