With the high workload and busy student life, it’s very easy to neglect your physical and mental health. It’s important to look after your health and this should always be your priority. Following the steps below will ensure that you are being mindful of your physical and mental health.

1. Create a meal plan

It is very easy to get caught up with studies and and binge eat on junk food. However, this is a terrible habit to build. Preparing your meals beforehand will allow you to be mindful of what you are eating. This may take some time, but it will be worth it.

2. Ensure you fit exercise in your schedule at least 3 times a week

Exercise has immense health benefits that have good outcomes on your overall health. Exercising consistently throughout the week will improve your physical health tremendously. Exercising is also good for your mental health and will help you feel relaxed and at ease. This can simply be going outside for a walk for half an hour.

3. Take mental breaks

Even though it is important to study well, try not to overwork as this will have a negative impact on your mental health. Ensure that you are listening to your body. Taking regular breaks can also restore your motivation so you are more prepared to work again.

4. Don’t leave anything until the last minute

Try not to leave assignments and revision until the last minute as this increased pressure may also cause unnecessary stress. Allow deadlines to be written in a clear format so you are always aware of them. Then work on your assignments and revision from early on as this will give you a good amount of time to prepare. You will also be at ease and more relaxed when studying so this will reflect in your work.