As we all know, Dubai is well known for its grand architecture, luxurious resorts, and endless opportunities for entertainment. While the summer heat in Dubai can be scorching, the city offers an array of indoor activities that promise excitement, relaxation, and cultural immersion. If you are not travelling elsewhere this summer- worry not, we have you covered! Here are some indoor activities you can enjoy with your families in Dubai, without letting the heat get the best of you.

GLITCH Arabia, Al Ghurair Centre, Deira

Al Ghurair Centre in Deira is now home to Dubai’s latest indoor game park, providing a thrilling experience for both children and adults. Boasting over 30 exciting attractions, this venue offers a diverse range of activities. Visitors can enjoy the exhilaration of an indoor roller glider, embark on immersive VR adventures with 360-degree shooting challenges, test their skills on a ninja warrior course, engage in dynamic free gaming featuring pool football, relish in a game of bowling, and experience the thrill of the indoor roller glider with a cost of as low as AED 35.

Wild Paint Studio, Al Quoz

The industrial warehouse of Wild Paint House has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, now serving as a haven for artistic expression. This unique establishment welcomes aspiring artists to participate in a variety of engaging activities. From splattering paint, creating on a spinning canvas, and swinging brushstrokes, to pouring and crafting UV masterpieces, the possibilities for artistic exploration are endless. Prices for these experiences begin at Dhs160, allowing individuals to book them separately or combine them for an immersive afternoon of creative discovery. Each activity is thoughtfully designed to provide a joyous and expressive outlet for playing with paint.

Precision Football, Ibn Batuta Mall

Ibn Battuta recently unveiled Precision Football center, a facility that offers an array of amenities. Boasting UEFA-qualified trainers, state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor intelligent fields, technology-driven training zones, a restaurant, padel courts, and more, Precision Football is dedicated to nurturing players in the area and igniting the aspirations of upcoming talents. Whether you’re seeking personalized coaching, hosting events or birthday celebrations, or simply looking to improve your ball skills while enjoying recreational activities, this venue provides an excellent space to engage in physical exercise and have a great time.

Deep Dive Dubai, Nad Al Sheba

Discover the extraordinary Deep Dive Dubai, an incredible indoor attraction in Dubai that is a must-visit. This remarkable facility holds the world record for being the deepest pool, plunging an impressive 60.02 meters below the surface. To put it into perspective, that’s as deep as 11 towering giraffes stacked together. Once inside, a captivating, submerged city awaits your exploration, adorned with vibrant graffiti-laden alleyways, an underwater apartment, a library, board games, an arcade zone, and even an elegant automobile, all available for your aquatic perusal. This mesmerizing experience is open to individuals aged 10 and above, with no upper age limit imposed. If you have any inquiries, you can find the answers you seek here. Prices for this extraordinary adventure start from Dhs400.

BOUNCE-X, Dubai Festival City Mall

Prepare to experience the world’s pioneering freestyle terrain park, an extraordinary venue that pushes the boundaries of excitement. Spanning an expansive 5,000 square meters, this exhilarating space unveils two levels of trampolines, captivating parkour elements, and thrilling ninja courses. Described as an immense adrenaline-infused playground, it promises a myriad of enthralling challenges, innovative superhero-inspired freestyle elements, and fresh obstacles to conquer. Embark on this adventure with prices commencing at AED 90 for a delightful hour of exploration and exhilaration.

The Smash Room, Al Quoz

Looking for a way to unwind and release pent-up stress? Consider indulging in a highly enjoyable indoor experience in Dubai by paying a visit to The Smash Room. This unique establishment offers a safe and controlled environment where you can liberate your frustrations with gusto. Within the designated room, you’ll find a diverse array of objects, including outdated furniture, televisions, laptops, and mannequins, awaiting your commanding presence. Armed with a weapon of your choice, you can assert your dominance and demonstrate who truly reigns supreme over these inanimate targets. With packages starting from Dhs69, this cathartic activity presents an excellent opportunity to let off some steam and find a sense of release.

Don’t let the heat keep you hidden away in your house. Take on any of the above indoor activities in Dubai and make the most of your summer holidays!