Summer in UAE may make outdoor activities less appealing due to the scorching heat. However, the good news is that we do not have to sweat a bucket or get sunburnt to just have some fun! There are multiple indoor and air-conditioned attractions in the heart of Dubai and Abu Dhabi ideal for residents and tourists alike to make the most of their summer.

Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai is a state-of-the-art facility, unparalleled in providing the best experience in diving. The world deepest swimming pool is 60 meters at Deep Dive Dubai. It is an old lost city submerged underwater, with structures and images put into it. Deep Dive Dubai provides quite a unique experience for cooling off—diving in a completely different world under the water and surface.

The Green Planet, City Walk, Dubai

The Green Planet is an indoor biodome located at the core of City Walk Dubai and is home to over 3000 plants and animals, immersing you right into the core heart of the tropical rainforest. It’s different levels take the visitor through a journey that imitates the major rainforest environments featuring The Canopy (representing the treetops open to the sun, home to many colourful birds and butterflies), The Midstory (groups of the rainforest with all the lush vegetation and many reptiles), The Forest Floor (dark area where smaller plants and insects thrive) and The Flooded Forest (showcasing fauna that inhabits the rivers and streams found in the rainforest).

Museum of Illusions, Dubai

The Museum of Illusions in Dubai is an exciting place that teases your perception and senses. It has more than 80 combinations of interactive exhibitions that are based on a blend of science, mathematics, biology, and psychology, turning them into mind-bending illusions. One of the notable exhibits is the Ames Room which is a distorted room that makes people look as if they grow and shrink while moving in the room. It is also worth seeing the Illusionistic Chairs that give you the impression of floating while you are sitting on it.

Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi

One of the largest waterparks in UAE is the Yas Waterworld, featuring over 40 rides and slides. It combines local culture and modern water attractions in just one place and is built around the original story of a young Emirati girl on a goal-seeking journey to find the lost pearl. If you visit it this summer, do try riding the ‘Dawwama’ which is the first ever hydro magnetic powered tornado waterslide in the whole world.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a newly-opened marine life theme park located on Yas Island, with eight immersive realms with over 15 interactive experiences. The park features UAE’s first dedicated marine research, rescue, and rehabilitation integrating a theme park experience with a focus on marine education and conservation. In the UAE, there is something for everyone. These indoor attractions make summer enjoyable despite the extreme temperatures.