When we look too much in the future, we overstep the possibilities of what the current moment holds. By putting unnecessary expectations on what tomorrow, next week or next year may hold is unfair to what we have in the current moment. Contrary to popular belief, the best way isn’t to latch onto some grandiose goal in the future. Rather, it’s by staying consistent in present day footwork it takes to make great things happen. At a moment’s notice, our lives can change and circumstances can be flipped around 180 degrees. It is only through a process of being engaged in what we have right in front of us that we can get closer to where we see ourselves going. 


Sometimes, when we’re doing our schoolwork, we feel like we are doing a great job in a certain subject. We got high marks on the exams and quizzes and are validly expecting a great mark. But when we get our grade back, and are surprised about the difference in what we have versus what we wanted to have, it can all come down to attendance, participation and other more monetary measures of academic success.


With so many distractions as well, we may be drawn to checking social media or watching a video in our time that should be dedicated to being productive. However, it’s through staying focused that we get the results we desire. Now that we have a fuller understanding of what the problem at hand is, we can better treat the symptoms of being unfocused. Simple ideas like leaving time for breaks periodically and staying hydrated are great options to being better present in the time being. 


Turn off all distractions while working on what needs to be done. If you set up an internal reward system within yourself, you’ll be able to be more focused on what you have to do in the present. And recognize the ultimate incentive is the reward you get from doing what you can and doing it in the best way you can.