The widespread panic over the coronavirus has led to a variety of organizations changing the dates of events and pivoting on plans that have otherwise been set in for months. Here in the UAE, the recent announcement that schools would shut down a week earlier for Spring Break this March has certainly had a significant effect on youth within the country. Many other extracurricular activities have been halted, like sports academies and some arts programs. As a young person who is involved in activities like this, and enjoys staying busy, how can you best navigate the slowdown, while still staying safe? Here are some suggestions we can offer:

  1. Be extra mindful of your hygiene

A common adage is that “prevention is the best cure for ailment.” SARS-CoV-2 spread mostly through person to person contact within about a 6-foot radius, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Keeping this in mind, be wary to wash your hands entering and leaving the house, in public and have hand sanitizer on deck. If you decide to have a friend over your house, be polite in reminding them to wash their hands.


  1. Take an online class

Have you had an interest in learning graphic design? Or maybe video post production? Now’s a great opportunity to start something new that you may have been interested in learning but never had the time to with your class schedule. Even learning a musical instrument can be done nowadays without a teacher being physically present, thanks to sites like Youtube and CourseEra. 

  1. Try to help out your parents

Even if you have someone to help around the house, it would be a nice gesture to help organize a closet, sweep up or help one of your parents move some furniture (2020 and we’re fung shuei is the new hype!). Actions speak louder than words, and in a somewhat anxious time we’re living in, these are nice ways to thank your parents for helping them support you and mold you into the adult you are becoming.

  1. Bring out the board games

Video games are always awesome, but being at home with your family and siblings would be an awesome time to dust off those board games. How about a game of endless Monopoly? Or a challenging game of Scrabble? Even if you don’t have any in your house, you can always play a game of Charades or Heads Up!, which you can download for most smartphones.