Movies and television have offered us a glimpse into the lives of others ever since their inception. Whether they be witty comedies, brooding dramas or action packed rollercoasters, movies offer us entertainment and also a sense of escapism from the normalities of life. Although we may not realize it directly, the lessons engrained in films can live with us for a lifetime.` Many of these underlie our interactions in day to day life. Ideas like romance, heroism and courage are all taught in film, even if they are extravagant at times in their presentation.


Even though movies do offer a doorway into something “new,” what they can teach us are firm and timeless. If you are looking for a spark in your life, a new perspective and most importantly a brighter glimpse of hope, here are some classic films to tune into this winter.


Knock Down The Hustle

Four brave women from different parts of the United States plan and build a movement to challenge powerful politicians in Congress. Their race against normality set the precedent for one of the most surprising political turnouts in US history. 

Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot is a coal miner’s son in Northern England, who’s life is permanently changed when he comes across a ballet class during a boxing training session. Before long, he’s challenging norms and showing his raw talent at a high level.

After Spring

Two filmmakers witness the Syrian refugee crisis by following two families in transition and aid workers fighting to keep the camp running. With the Syrian conflict entering its sixth year, millions of people continue to be displaced.




A troupe of brave wildlife conservationists film themselves doing what must be done to protect an endangered gorilla species. 


Akeelah And The Bee

An eleven- year old wiz, Akeelah finds her talent in a city wide spelling bee that lays the way to challenge norms, family desires and follows her dream to the Nationwide Spelling Championship.


With racism and discrimination rampant amongst the united States South, the story of a small town preacher, Martin Luther King Jr, is told, detailing the Civil Rights struggle and culminating in one of the greatest marches and speeches in American history.