The basic for education is not to end up behind a desk in an office and feel blue-collared and meritorious. School is the common ground for self-discovery and talent building. Not just in your classrooms or with your teachers do you learn most of the things you know. It is by your interaction in that studying environment, which we call schools, Institutions and Campuses that one actualizes him/herself in the aspect of self-discovery.

Though this niche follows with the fact that some guidance is required to mold students, the campus life is the life you always take along during and after studies, not the diploma or the certificate.

There are friends today who’ve been helpful to each other after University not because they all did well during exams, not for the certificates they’d acquired but for the relationship that existed between them. So too are most of their teachers and 97% of this sort of relationships always prove to be the actual school you have attended and not the classroom lessons you write down in books daily.

Not being contradictory to the line of thought, classroom work is a vital concept in aiding students feel challenged and strive to discover what they are best at and it has been the key to such relationships among teachers and students.