In partnership with Arada and Sharjah Women’s Sports, Red Bull Neymar’s Five is hosting the first two women’s qualifiers in the UAE. Teams from around the country have the chance to compete in high intensity five-a-side football matches for the opportunity to travel to Brazil. 

The two qualifiers would be held Saturday, February 27th at the Women’s Sports Club in Sharjah and Tuesday, March 23rd at the Women’s Sports Club in Sharjah as well.


The tournament is open to players from 16 to 35. Teams can register 5-7 players with rolling substitutions during the game. Each match lasts 10-minutes with no goalkeeper. Whenever a team scores, the other team has to sit one of their players, with the player with the ‘1’ jersey sitting first. Last year’s global winner was Spartak Myjava from Slovakia. In 2018, the winner was Resenha O13 from Brazil.


The winning team from the UAE will go on to compete in the World Finals at the Insitutio Projecto Neymar Jr. in Praia Grande which is an academy set up in Brazil by Neymar Jr, helping give opportunities to impoverished youths across the country. You can check out the timings and all other information online at