Red Bull Campus Clutch is a worldwide university E-Sports tournament designed for University Students to compete in a 5 V 5 VALORANT Tournament. With over 300 different universities and more than 50 countries taking part, this event is dedicated to all University students aspiring to play VALORANT at a fun and competitive level. The game is played in 5 V 5 matches and is open for everyone above the age of eighteen enrolled full-time at any UAE university. 


VALORANT has created a world within itself, highlighting a multitude of different characters (or agents) for players to choose from. These include names like Phoenix, Yoru, Killjoy, Sage, Reyna and Brimstone. At the beginning of the match, each team is assigned to either be “attacking” or “defending.” The game takes place from a first-person shooter angle and incorporates skills like lightning quick reflexes, team communication and proper weaponry selection. Every player starts with a pisot and a special ability that they can upgrade based on how they performed the previous round. Games typically last from 30-40 minutes, where the first team to win 13 rounds is declared the victor. 


Winners of the UAE Qualifiers will be invited to the World Finals, where they have the chance to win a cash prize of 20,000 Euros and see the top professionals compete live at the VALORANT Masters Event. Grab four friends, represent your campus, show off your flawless skills and see if you have what it takes to make it to the World Final, the climactic event where your team will be immortalized on the world stage. Sign up today!


The UAE qualifier will take place April 16th. Your team can be from different universities, but all Valorant players should be studying at a UAE university.


Interested students can Register online