Just like dusty curtains and long toenails, negative things can accumulate if we don’t take the time to be cautious and aware of what we are doing in the moment. The best cure to any ailment is always prevention. However, if we pick up a bad habbit or two, there are always ways to overcome them before they become bad addictions, or even destructive towards our futures. Any habit that would put your safety or sense of well-being at risk is a liability, and should be dealt with importance.


The first and most reasonable step is to prioritize your bad habits. Take the time to sort out what matters the most (and least) to you. If your aim is to be a great cricket player, habits like eating junk food have to go, because they are directly attacking your life hierarchy. When you look at what you want first, you can then look at what you don’t want in your life. Bad habits like biting your fingernails pale in comparison to terrible spending habits or smoking too much.The power way to overcome is to recognize the power of change. You are always three months away from a redefined and better polished you. When you keep this in mind, your blinders are lowered and the possibilities you have present themselves even wider. 


With the power of the internet, and online forums like Reddit, you can reach out to likeminded people who are struggling with the bad habits you are trying to overcome. Hearing it from someone who is currently going through it, or better yet has overcome it themselves, is really where it’s at. Find someone who you can keep honest and reliable. As long as you both are on the same page, you can do the right things to help get a better balance of your life and future.