Every now and then a distant chime from a device can be heard, perhaps yet another notification alerting us about the headlines that our local news channel wishes to notify us about. With this means of news offered to us almost instantaneously, are newspapers still relevant today?

The answer to that is- yes. Newspapers are still relevant today but not as much as they were before. More than a decade or so ago, they would have been the only reliable source of information for youngsters as well as the middle-aged and seniors of our society. News papers are cheap in cost and they are backed up by reliable sources and they are more accessible and favorable to most part of our community as they do need any other formalities such as internet connections. Most of these features of a newspaper still stand to-date, but perhaps its last point is not anymore.

Nowadays, the existence of newspapers has been replaced with many different forms of digital news. Some of its apparent reasons include the instantaneous availability of breaking news and headlines, lower maintenance and cost put in by the agency than using newspapers (printing in large amounts can be quite expensive), they consist of a lot of the features that newspapers do but cost much less than the same and the vital news is available for free, the digital advertisement is far more successful than the traditional means of advertising, amongst many other features. Because of these features of e-news, it has now overtaken the throne that our newspapers used to once sit on, becoming a rare object in households.

So, if e-news is gaining (rather, has gained) a lot of popularity, why are newspapers still a thing? Well, although the youth maybe adapting to this change, we must still respect the existence of newspapers for our seniors. A lot of information can be found online, sometimes it is difficult to differentiate a reliable source from a fake one, but with a newspaper, the providers are obliged to quote the sources of their information. Newspapers are also very handy in areas that don’t have a stable internet connection. Newspapers have always helped the society while trying to inform people about the current happenings and helped develop their knowledge. With the advent of new technology, there continues to be a competition between the digital mode of circulation and the traditional mode of circulation which may inevitably be in the former method’s favor.