Being young can be quite the conundrum when it comes to money. Having free time, interests and passions, and not yet the right avenues to establish your own wealth base can be difficult. For some it can be a decision of “where do I need to start at to start making?” For others, it could be “what skills should I develop in the present to earn money in the future.?” The decision we can all make as young people is this; improve your money habits.

Just like dinner time etiquette and family customs, many of our habits with money are learned from those closest to us. Every household levies money off into what they deem important. For some, a new furniture set is more important than a family trip. Others may see an investment in bonds is more important than a new car. That’s the beautiful thing about money, it allows you to have choices. As a growing young adult, your access to capital will free up your choices. In the meantime, regardless of how many commas you have to your name at the moment, you can implement these easy and simple habits to become better with your money.

One important number is to stick to a formula. Find a ratio that works right for you and use the majority of that to pay yourself first. If that ration is 50% or 80%, use that to take care of your responsibilities and tuck the remainder away. If you can remain disciplined to this number early on, for a year consistently, it will transfer over as you continue to grow your earning potential.

With the majority of your wealth going to the present, what are you meant to do with the remainder that is going to your future. The answer is keep it proactive and reactive. In the proactive field, find investments that suit your passions. Instead of trying to research the “next big investment,” choose the route that you feel most confident in. If that’s makeup or vintage Pokemon cards, stick to your niche, follow your instinct and let that be the vehicle for your next investment. Equally important is the reactive aspect, setting up a “rainy day” fund. When tough times strike, use these funds to take care of the problems that arise.

Remember, just as important is your intention. Keeping yourself disciplined and on proper course of action means that you expect a result. Is it a home for your family in 10 years? Is it being able to create multiple streams of income? Reminding yourself of your why daily and making it visible is important to being the best you possible.