Time management is one of the key skills you will require whilst at university. The high workload and intense pressure can make managing your time difficult. However, with a few strategic action plans, managing your time can become a simple task.

Write overall outcomes you want to achieve in this semester.

This can be a list of all your assignments/exams due for this semester. Writing the goals and outcomes you want to achieve will give you direction and an overall vision so you can always refer back to it. This is beneficial for when you are feeling overwhelmed. Going back to the overall outcomes and goals will make the smaller workload easier as you will see the bigger picture.

Daily habits that will get you closer to the outcomes you want to achieve.

Goals cannot be achieved without an action plan. Once you have the overall outcome that you want to achieve, you have to break this down into smaller, more specific goals. This will help the workload to be manageable. Working on small, specific goals daily will ensure that you reach the bigger goal quickly.


You must also keep track of where you are in order to keep yourself accountable. Keeping yourself accountable is important for trying to reach a goal as you need to be able to see if you are on track to meeting your targets. At the end of each week, refer back to the overall outcomes you want to achieve alongside your daily habits. Are you on track to achieving your goal? The smaller, specific goals will help to track this down in a clear format.