Millions of people’s summer plans have been derailed. Things that were set in stone and definite are suddenly up in the air. For those young people looking to make steps towards a brighter career, it’s been difficult to secure a traditional internship that gives students valuable insight in the work field. With many companies still needing help, many have switched to offering virtual internships. 


Amazon is one of the industry leaders, currently offering programs globally for both undergraduate and graduate students. The internship includes mentorship with senior leaders, group discussions and the opportunity to build a network with fellow interns. The plan to switch to virtual internships makes life easier for those who may have issues with transportation or relocating for an internship. Being able to hold a summer-long position with a validated company is important, and having more of a reach to more places opens your opportunities.


Here is a list of currently available virtual internships in the UAE.


eWhale eCommerce– Online Marketplace Intern (Paid)

The Internship program will last for 3/6 months 

  • Manage periodic stock updates
  • Manage pricing of goods based on cost-plus formulation
  • Analyse sales trends with the aim of maximizing revenue
  • Optimize supply chain and manage selection of goods for fulfillment


DesignFort– Online Marketing Intern (Paid)

  • Perform market analysis and research on the latest trends.
  • Assist with daily administrative duties.
  • Design and present new social media campaign ideas.
  • Monitor all social media platforms for trending news, ideas, and feedback.
  • Prepare detailed promotional presentations.
  • Help with the planning and hosting of marketing events.
  • Research and evaluate competitor marketing and digital content.


Global Green Growth– Research Intern (Paid)

Currently looking for a talented individual to work with us in the UAE Country Office / Green Growth Planning and Implementation (GGPI) division to assist in the development of the National Framework for Action on Climate Change Adaptation, which aims to identify the country’s short- and long-term priorities in addressing the impacts of climate change in critical sectors.


Students Factory– Student Intern (Paid)

Currently in search for multiple Interns who will be responsible for supporting the day-to-day activities of the Voluntary Online Competitions and Events for the School Students all over the world during the Covid period who are stuck with no school and activities. The Interns will be supporting the team while learning valuable skills related to events and marketing.


Other companies currently hiring virtual interns:

  • Deloitte
  • Farzana Trading
  • PWC
  • University Of Dubai
  • Al Nabadah
  • We Love Art
  • The Qode
  • Zayed University