Life is a journey of finding yourself and defining yourself. The vibrant city of Dubai is home to a very diverse student population from all around the world. Plenty students every year move to Dubai to pursue their education and their careers. Moving abroad is a huge step and probably one of the most important life-changing decisions you’ll make most especially if you are moving as students.

Studies reveal people who live abroad have better clarity in knowing themselves.

Living abroad provides individuals the opportunity to reflect and learn from not only what their culture has to offer, but different cultures as well. This allows for better understanding on who they really are and where their influences come from.

Depth over breadth when it comes to living abroad and improved clarity in self-concept.

In this context, depth implies how long someone has lived abroad in a given country and depth represents the number of countries someone has lived in apart from their home. It only makes sense given it takes time for someone to settle into a different country than their home. While travelling and living in a lot of countries may sound appealing, the new environment and information becomes overwhelming to process. Hence, a person trying to stay oriented on who they are- living in many different countries for a brief time isn’t the best idea.

Better self-concept leads to better confidence and decision-making skills. This comes helpful in career-related decisions and etc.

Knowing who you are allows you to assess your strengths and weaknesses accurately. This ripple effects affects throughout all aspects of living including forming relationships, career performance and ultimately a much more satisfying relationship with yourself.