We’ve all got big aims in life. Ultimately, it’s about the execution and persistent work towards our goal that can allow us to make them happen. When we set out to get a project done, whether it’s individual or as a group, it takes foresight and realism to make the project come out the way we want it to. One of the first steps is setting an appropriate deadline, a “finish line” if you will. Setting a deadline means setting a goal towards what you want to accomplish. You may not be able to dictate how it is received externally, but internally, within it’s command, be ensured that you have full autonomy of everything. Be serious about setting your deadlines and approach it the same way you would if you were at work. The next step is setting deadlines to get it done. People have been able to finish entire e-books in the period of a week. How, might you ask? By allocating 3 hours a day over the period of seven days, that’s nearly an entire day of work. You may have to make some sacrifices in the present but recognizing the enjoyment of getting it done is great. When you hit road bumps on the way, these can get in the way of productivity towards doing what you have to do. To avoid this, set a clear plan from the beginning. The two most important things to have is to have an idea and a foundation to build upon. 


As much as you’re adding to what you want, you equally have to take away things in your life too. Taking time to eliminate your distractions is vital to your efficiency. When you find your focus zone, where you’re as productive as possible, then you know when and how to execute. Even choosing the right place to work out of is very important. When you’re fueled by a creative idea as well, it’s important to take strategic breaks when necessary. 


Take time to watch a movie, try a different creative outlet or go for a walk. Just as much as you want to share your final product, you should want to share your progress too. Finding someone to keep you accountable as you continue on the road to finishing what you must. Call a trustworthy friend and ask them to give them an update every time you speak. Whenever you feel discouraged, just remember why you got started in the first place and what lies at the end for you. It’s okay to get knocked off the path as long as you find your way back eventually.