However, their response to their situations and struggles as a youth is what shaped them to be capable of giving way to your life. The same issues of insecurity & identity they faced are ones that you have to and will continue to face in your life. The beautiful thing about this generation is the number of outlets we have to express ourselves. Sure, decisions we’ve made have formed us into the person that we are currently. If anything less, it’s certainly shown us what’s been valuable to us. When hard times face us and when times seem gloomy; maybe we’ve gotten a bad exam mark or didn’t get the right response for a quarterly art project, we always have the time to readjust our perspective of what’s happening. Do we warrior up or do we wimp out? As cliche as it may sound, champions aren’t made when the game is easy. Fear may come forward during moments of uncertainty, but it should never grip us like we’d imagine it wouldHas something ever happened to you so unsettling, so jolting, that it really shocked you to your very core? In the realm of education, where we constantly have new information presented to us, our very outlook on topics and life can be changed simply with more knowledge. Knowledge is a two-way street; what we learn can empower us as much as it can make us vulnerable. Learning about injustice can make us feel small or it can inspire us to be the change we want to see in the world. When we look at our lives and the earth around us, it’s a lot more objective than we’d imagine. Life is full of uncertainty and truly it’s up to us as youth to guide our internal compass in a direction that’s best suited for our futures. 


Being in college and indecisive about the future can be a tough place to be at. Having labels placed on us by our performance, how we interact and what we wear can all have a significant shift on how we react to our world. Just as the word gives way to, it’s about how we “act” when faced with the circumstances that come into our lives.


Let’s not be unreasonable, though. In a world of spin, setting unnecessary heights on our life is unfair. Perhaps we grew up with tales from our grandparents about how lucky we are not to have struggled like they did (which may be true to some regards.)